Second wind

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In 2011, I remember joining with many others, including statutory bodies, who opposed a wind farm near one of Scotland’s 
national treasures, Culzean 

I was relieved when the proposal was withdrawn before it went to committee, after a recommendation for rejection by the South Ayrshire planning department. It has reared its head again.

In business, one does not throw money at a project unless it has a reasonable chance of success. Why would the developer think he would fare better now? Who has given them the nod?

In Midlothian, after five years the Auchencorth application was rejected at Public Inquiry and then Borders Council rejected Spurlens Rig two miles 

Why did Wind Prospect/EDF think they could get another wind farm application through three miles from Auchencorth and two miles away from Spurlens Rig? Who gave them the nod?

It wasn’t Midlothian Councillors, as the developer has not let the council decide on the application. They went for non determination; technically, the period had lapsed even though a date had been set for the council determination meeting.

In October, Midlothian councillors had a meeting where they gave a unanimous opinion that the application should be rejected and yet the Government is now to decide.

Who in Government is perverting our once excellent planning system?

Celia Hobbs

Peebles Road