Scouting fails to honour its motto

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I WAS interested to read the article by Graham Haddock, Chief Commissioner of the Scouts in Scotland (Another Voice, 26 May).

In it, Mr Haddock explains that the movement is still considering allowing children and, presumably, potential Scout leaders with no faith to become members by developing an alternative version of the Scout Promise.

He then goes on to claim that the Scouts are already ­“inclusive” and “not an anachronism”.

The movement may indeed become inclusive if its consultation concludes that it should admit those with no faith, in the process also confirming that it is not out of touch with the 21st century. Until then, however, it will remain an exclusive club. As long as it excludes non-believers, the “Scouting for All” motto will be both misleading and dishonest, which is hardly a good example from an ­otherwise worthwhile and valuable movement.

Alistair McBay, National Secular Society, Edinburgh