independence: council staff sticker ban

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What law is being broken
by having a Yes sticker in your car?

- Armia

I work for my local authority
and we have been asked not to discuss the referendum or wear any badges in working hours.

- Uddygirl73

I’ve never worked in the
public sector but never once in the private sector have I been allowed to decorate company vehicles stating my support for any political position. Seems fair, and it should be the same for the public sector.

- Ilikecats

I think staff should be able
to wear what they want and if it irritates others they can settle it outside at playtime or hometime.

- Derekf

This is a common sense
proposal. I spent all my working life in the NHS. I was in no doubt that as I was paid from the public purse, I was a public servant. As such I had no right to force my political views on anyone. Whichever side one supports it should be kept well and truly out of the workplace.

- Aunty Nat

Does this apply to staff
displaying trades union badges? It should.

- LachieStephen

Employees must abide by
the rules set out by the council that owns the land.

- Non believer

I think banning a sticker on
an owner’s car in a council car park is going a bit too far.

- The Duke of Perth

It would be interesting to 
know if there have been any incidences of vandalism on cars bearing stickers on either side.

- Gaisgeach

What if somebody had a
“don’t know” sticker on their car?

- Al Bertz