Scots identity

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Graham M McLeod (Letters, 23 November), is correct to point out that the economic waffle being peddled by both sides of the independence debate is “generating nothing but confusion”. There is no reason to think Scotland cannot survive independence. The country may be a little poorer or a little richer, that depends on the motivation of the population to succeed and the competence of the administration.

However, the referendum is about identity not economics. Much of the world refers to the United Kingdom as England and the Queen as the Queen of England, although England is not a political entity and hasn’t had an exclusive monarch for centuries.

This situation, understandably, does not sit well with the national pride of many Scottish people. Nevertheless, it was inevitable under the present 
settlement that five million Scots would be subsumed into their neighbour of 50 million. Independence seems to be the only solution to that problem.

Mike Underwood

Friars Brae

Linlithgow, West Lothian