Scoot, you lot!

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I have just had the misfortune of stepping out for a pint of milk at “home time” for two of our local primary schools. What joy to see the children’s cherubic, happy faces aglow with anticipation of snowmen and Santa Claus… as they whisk dangerously close to me on the pavement at recklessly high speed on those infernal contraptions scooters – anti-social behaviour apparently condoned by their beaming, accompanying so-called responsible adults.

Worse still are the stores where the purchase of milk used to be a relatively risk-free business, especially with the advent of pasteurisation. Now the brats are allowed to bring their wheels of terror inside and to whizz about on the grounds that “it’s only kids” or “they’d get stolen if we left them outside” – this from the grown-ups again. Never mind the potential, and in one case I saw actual, damage to other shop users that might be done.

Well listen up, persons old enough and inexplicably allowed the vote and to have care of a child: it is not absolutely necessary for your munchkin to take their scooters to and from school – unless they suffer from some rare ailment whereby only one foot works at a time. They can walk!,

And shops! Ban them before someone really does get hurt.

Magnus K Moodie

Boswall Terrace