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In York on Thursday Prime Minister David Cameron suggested that an independent Scotland may face a greater terrorist threat.

From whom, I wonder?

Does Mr Cameron really believe that a peace-loving country like Scotland would face a bigger terrorist threat than England?

Most of us will recall that the UK government was warned of an escalation of terrorist attacks should we illegally invade sovereign Iraq and that is the position to this day.

Scotland, being part of the UK at present, is no doubt a target. This threat would be removed, however, should we become independent.

Nobody would have an axe to grind with us once we are placed beyond Westminster’s diktat.

However, the biggest threat to an independent Scotland would not come from abroad but from the rest of the UK. The late Conservative peer, Lord Fraser of Carmyllie, once said that the “English would bomb the s**t out of Edinburgh/Glasgow airports to save them from terrorists”.

Now it seems that our Conservative Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, is like-minded.

His distasteful scaremongering has brought the Scottish referendum debate to a new low level. It has certainly changed my voting intentions.

Donald J Morrison


Buckie, Aberdeenshire