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In your report (14 August) on the capping of Scottish rail fares, you published a photograph featuring the trade unions’ Action for Rail campaign to renationalise the UK’s railways.

There is currently also a more modest campaign, launched by passengers for passengers, calling on the UK government to halt its plans to bring in a private operator to run the East Coast main line railway by 2015.

An e-petition on the government’s website has so far attracted more than 400 signatures in just over a week.

The campaign recognises that the current government-owned East Coast train company has, in only four years, restored the quality of the rail service from Aberdeen, Inverness and Edinburgh to London, achieving high levels of passenger satisfaction while generating well over £600 million in surplus for the taxpayer.

This is not a campaign about nationalisation or privatisation, but simply calls on the coalition government to allow a successful company to continue running the East Coast railway for many more years, instead of putting passengers and staff through the disruption of another change of operator, the fourth in less than ten years.

It is also a plea that civil 
servants in London who are 
promoting the changeover should listen to the wishes of rail passengers in Scotland and England who have not been consulted about these proposals.

Anyone wishing to support the campaign should search “Save East Coast Rail” on the UK government’s e-petitions website.

Robert Drysdale

Primrose Bank Road