Sanctions call

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PICTURES are emerging of women and children armed with AK-47s fighting to the death to defend Kobane on the Syrian-Turkish border against their Islamic State enemies.

No-one can fail to be moved by these pictures.

Except Turkey that is. It has done nothing despite pledging to stop Kobane from falling to IS.

Turkey refuses to allow the allies to use its air bases.

The Turkish government is said to fear encouraging the Kurdish separatist movement inside its own borders.

Turkish tanks and other ground forces have been stationed along the border within a few hundred metres of the fighting but have not intervened.

They sit idle while thousands of civilians are at risk of rape, torture, crucifixion and even death by beheading.

Turkey is a member of Nato so should be told to step up to the mark and get involved or face being thrown out of Nato and economic sanctions, including a ban on all flights to its shores.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian