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Rev Dr Thomas J Shields says that “frustration and anger” will follow if those of religious faith are “forced to compartmentalise their lives” (Letters, 29 January).

Edinburgh Secular Society supports the freedom of religious expression and objects only to religious worship in state schools with its consequent imposition on all children.

The Church of Scotland and Humanist Society Scotland have proposed rebranding religious observance as “Time for Reflection” in the name of inclusiveness, but the Church has not proposed to lay down its privileged right to lead such reflections, only to talk about God a bit less when it does.

How can a neutral reflection on life’s “bigger questions” be led by someone who has already concluded a religious answer?

In desperate back-pedalling against outrage from evangelical Christians, the Church has now insisted that “Time for Reflection” is a name change only. “Time for Reflection” may hope to sweeten the pill but the religious medicine is still the same.

Neil Barber

Edinburgh Secular Society

Saughtonhall Drive