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IT WOULD not matter what First Minister Alex Salmond did, he would be pilloried from every quarter, while other Scottish political leaders – unionists who effectively, by dint of their failures, handed power over to the SNP – get off Scot-free (Letters, 15 
July: Saltire fallout – and previously).

What would these people have made of the sight I had on holiday in Norfolk (Sandringham territory) during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June last year, where there was hardly a Union flag to be seen – the emblem of choice was St George’s Cross, indicating that it was the Queen of England they were celebrating, not the Queen of the UK. But you would not expect that kind of news item to feature in any part of the Scottish media, and it had no significance south of the Border, where they think they are doing nothing unusual! 

So, what do your multifarious vexatious correspondents think that does for the unionist cause, given the craving they have for continuing ties with England?

Douglas R Mayer

Thomson Crescent

Currie, Midlothian

IN SEEKING to support the First Minister’s inane waving of the

Saltire at Wimbledon, Jane Devine treats us to a misty-eyed history lesson to highlight how powerful a symbol the flag is (Platform, 15 July).

She omits to realise that it is precisely because of this that the stunt has caused such annoyance among those of us who love our nation but do not share Mr Salmond’s desire for separation.

To suggest that the flag waving was acceptable because “many other people around Centre Court were doing the same” misses the fact that Mr Salmond was there as a statesman and not simply a spectator. If the desire was to show his support, then why not do it after every game or set

won along with the “many other people”?

At best, the stunt was politically opportunistic, at worst it was way beneath the required standard of behaviour of a leader of our country – independent or not.

Paul Sewell

Stevenson Avenue


Once again First Minister Alex Salmond is castigated by Highland councillor Jim Crawford (your report, 15 July). This time it is for flying the Scottish flag after Andy Murray’s famous triumph at Wimbledon.

Do Mr Crawford et al not understand that the Saltire is not a political flag but the flag of Scotland which every Scot should be proud to fly anywhere in the world, including the “royal-box” at the conclusion of a game of tennis? The major crime appears to be that the flag was over the limit of 2ft by 2ft. Those sad people who somehow manage to object to waving the Saltire to celebrate an amazing victory ought to get a life. On the other hand, it is typical of the No camp: no policies, no vision, no hope – just insults and scaremongering

Donald J Morrison

Haig Street, Portknockie, Buckie, Aberdeenshire