Salmond’s Saltire: politics v protocol

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I have taken 24 hours to reflect and convince myself that the time was right to write my first letter. As a Scot with a huge passion for my country and our successful Union I am duly going through the process of thinking whether Scotland should be an independent country or not.

For me, much of it boils down to who can lead, in spite of today’s short-term gravy train politics, with bravery, integrity and statesmanlike dignity.

Seeing David Cameron behaving like a tennis-loving Brit made me think more seriously about his qualities.

Watching Alex Salmond trying to hitch his campaign to the honest hard work of a great sportsman, and in the manner of a terrace yob, proved to me the simple rule, that intelligence leads to confidence, power and, God forbid, arrogance.

Alex, sack your PR advisers, take a long look at yourself in the mirror and give us some damn good reasons to vote Yes instead of pulling cringe-inducing publicity stunts.

Failing that, it’s all over for you before a vote is cast.

Lawson Muncaster

Greenheads Road

North Berwick

The SNP has never claimed that Andy Murray’s Wimbledon success had anything to do with it, and it is wrong of Robert I G Scott (Letters, 
9 July) to suggest that it did.

As for Alex Salmond waving the Saltire, it was entirely appropriate for the First Minister of Scotland to wave Scotland’s flag in celebration of Andy becoming the first Scot to win the Wimbledon men’s singles championship since 1896.

Flags were being waved all over the Centre Court and on Murray Mound, and Mr Salmond, like everyone else, was there to enjoy himself, not to worry about stuffy protocol.

Ruth Marr

Grampian Road


Once again Scotland’s First Minister has embarrassed the country by smuggling the Saltire in to the Royal Box at Wimbledon.

Does he not realise that he represents more than the SNP and its independence policies?

There are thousands of people in Scotland who didn’t vote for him. He has brought our country into disrepute yet again. Remember the Ryder Cup in the United States when he was promoting his Nationalist policies at our expense?

As a true Scot I find the man a total embarrassment. Andy Murray was playing in a great British tournament and won it brilliantly as a British player, but still a proud Scot.

Get used to it, Mr Salmond.

Isobel S McKendrick

Eildon Terrace


While the actions of both Mr and Mrs Salmond at Wimbledon were “questionable”, I am assuming that the majority of the letters condemning these actions (9 July) were written before the Prime Minister captured the headlines when he invited Andy Murray to Number 10, where he met the parliamentary leaders of the Liberal Democrat and Labour parties and the SNP.

I recognise that perhaps both the First Minister and Prime Minister may be tennis fans, but first and foremost they are politicians.

Alan McKinney

Beauchamp Road


Several of your readers point out the seemingly shameless actions of the First Minister of Scotland at Wimbledon. The triumph of a young Scotsman, the first Brit in 77 years to win the Wimbledon men’s singles title, is considered fair political game by Mr Salmond.

Once again the First Minister’s office is demeaned by a grubby, elbowing attempt at attention-grabbing with this Saltire-waving – and, as a drowning man would gasp for air, praying that a few drops of Murray stardust might fall on him.

As has always been the case, the victory of Andy Murray merely proves that we who ­occupy this island always work better and triumph ­together. This fact must have been the catalyst for Mr ­Salmond’s unbecoming and shameful display.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg


Thanks to First Minister 
Alex Salmond for showing the world that Andy Murray is Scottish by waving the Saltire flag behind Prime Minister David Cameron.

The New York Times, ­Canadian and European press described the Wimbledon champion as not British but English. What an injustice!

Donald J Morrison

Haig Street

Portknockie, Buckie

Further to Andy Murray’s stunning victory at Wimbledon and amid all the British/Scottish hype, why has the “All England Tennis Club” name not been challenged as now being inappropriate? It has niggled for a long time and is now not even applicable.

Roger Paton

Alnwickhill Road


I don’t understand why ­people are in such a twist about Alex Salmond waving a flag at Wimbledon. People are acting as though he threw a pint over the Queen.

He’s the First Minister of Scotland, and Andy Murray, a Scottish man who worked very hard to get where he is, won Wimbledon.

Honestly, we have some real issues to be cross about. Get a grip, people.

Neil Davison

Inverleith Row


I am appalled by the First ­Minister’s conduct.

His demonstration did not show him in a good light as it completely blocked out his partner in crime – Moira.

I would suggest to her in ­future that she either keeps control of the flag or gets herself a new agent, as they will never get the same billing as The Krankies on this performance.

Paul F Galloway

House O’Hill Gardens