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Whoever is elected to follow Alex Salmond as leader of the SNP must surely adhere to the clear promise made by the First Minister and his deputy before the vote last week that the 2014 referendum was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Scotland to go it alone.

This promise was made several times and indicated that the subject would be dropped after the result on 19 September.

Sadly, this has not been the case over the past few days. The majority of voters who chose to keep the nation linked to the United Kingdom deserve to hear that the matter is now at an end with no threats of further attempts at independence for many years.

This will be the only way to quickly mend the wide divisions in our proud nation. The people of Scotland gave their verdict last Thursday and the SNP and others who wanted us to leave the Union must finally accept that verdict and let us all move on and focus our efforts on making Scotland an even greater country in which to live and work.

Iain J McConnell


East Lothian

Just one question. Would anyone be pushing for another referendum soon in the event of a Yes vote for independence with a 10 per cent majority?

Dreena M White

Coupar Angus Road