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News that a record four million people over the age of 70 hold valid driving licences in the UK (your report, 23 September) underlines the increasing importance the car plays in older people’s mobility, independence and connectivity.

Myths about older drivers being more dangerous or nervous road users are just that –myths. Evidence from a recent Age Scotland Enterprises survey shows that 89 per cent of over-65s take to the roads every day or every other day.

They are not only driving on a regular basis, they are doing so with confidence, with almost two thirds (63 per cent) feeling very confident in their abilities.

The evidence also points towards increased age defining more responsible driving practices. While over a fifth of drivers admit to using mobile phones while driving, the figure drops to just 7 per cent in over-65s.

The insurance industry should take this evidence on board and base insurance premiums on
ability and not on the false assumption that age equals poorer driving.

There should be no upper age limit on getting car insurance. Many older drivers draw on years of experience behind the wheel and are reliant on their vehicles to maintain their independence.

Logan Steele

Age Scotland Enterprises