Royal take on aid

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I OBSERVE from your report (28 November) that lawyers are stepping up their strike action in a Legal Aid confrontation.

It is most indecorous to have lawyers going on strike, and it is clear that the whole situation is in a seemingly insolvable mix-up. One of the best solutions to such problems is to abandon the current rules and regulations and start again from the very beginning. Luckily, we in Scotland can do this, under an Act of the Scottish Parliament of James I, promulgated in 1424:

“Ande gif thar be ony pur creatur that for defalt of cunying or dispense can not or may not follow his cause the King for the lufe of God sall ordane that the Judge before quha the cause suld be determinit purvey and a lele and wyis advocate to follow sic pur creatures cause.”

That is: And if there is any unfortunate person who, because lacking in knowledge of funds, cannot or may not pursue his case, the King, for the love of God, must order that the Judge before whom the case has to be settled must pay for and engage a trustworthy and skilled advocate to take on such an unfortunate’s case.

Straightforward enough, or perhaps too simple?


Ninian’s Way

Linlithgow, West Lothian