Rocky roadmap

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Many No voters in last week’s referendum vote don’t like being called “unionists”, but they voted to remain in union with the rest of the UK.

Similarly, many Yes voters 
object to the descriptor “separatist”, although they voted to separate from that same union.

If we had decided to call a spade a spade at the outset, perhaps the outcome would have been more decisive.

Nearly half of us who voted to separate, and more than half of us voted to stay – this is hardly a ringing endorsement of either campaign, and there is absolutely no constitutional reason why the contest should not run and run until a genuinely decisive outcome is achieved (even if the process spooks the multinationals, the banks and the City of London).

The independence fox is, thankfully, still in the hen-coop, and although it lost the last round on points, 10,000 new members enrolling in the SNP in a weekend seems to indicate a Rocky-style comeback could well be on the cards, and a lot sooner than any might expect.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road