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While Lesley Riddoch (Perspective, 16 March) is probably right about Scotland having the most switched-on voters in the UK, there is one dark aspect to this regarding the forthcoming General Election.

This is the change on the electoral roll. From a few indications I have seen, there is substantial uncertainty as to people knowing if they are, or are not, on the electoral roll. And this because of the UK government changing the basis of the roll from household to individual person.

Formerly, the letters of electoral verification arrived for each household and occupants therein and the household’s main addressee was able to complete the form on their behalf. Now it is a matter of each individual having to ensure his/her registration individually.

In this regard, there appears to be an over-reliance on computer use and online registration without due account taken that considerable numbers of people are not computer-literate, don’t possess computers, etc. A main reason given for the change is to prevent voter fraud. It could be said that there is danger of another kind of fraud being perpetrated, this time by a government that has been insufficiently proactive in informing the public about their change in voting entitlement. Democracy deserves better.


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