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As a driver, it is Alan Macmillan’s responsibility to know that speed limits in the UK are 60mph on single carriageways and 70mph on dual carriageways, unless otherwise indicated.

I am surprised that he wants signs to remind him. Drivers from overseas should familiarise themselves with our speed limits, just as we do when driving abroad.

Having just returned from travelling to and from Inverness-shire on the A9, it seemed to me that the average speed cameras were having the desired effect and almost all drivers were keeping to the 60mph limit.

The trial limit of 50mph for trucks also appeared to be working well.

I do regret, however, the plethora of “street furniture” of which the new tall average speed camera posts are the latest example. Some signs should not be needed, such as those warning us to take breaks and not to get tired.

During my travels it was a pleasure to drive on quiet A and B roads with only necessary signs to intrude on the wonderful countryside.

Rosemary Shaw

Craigerne Drive