Road to fixing A9

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Further to recent correspondence (Letters 29 and 30 June) containing very pertinent ideas for how to improve the A9, may I add my own observation?

It is clear that the problems of this and similar routes, such as long stretches of the A1, for example, are primarily caused by frustration.

Limiting HGVs to 40mph is a major factor in causing this, as it often results in lengthy bunching and eventually someone decides to take a chance to get past the slow vehicle. Usually they get away with it.

Anyone who uses this road will have seen this happen and many of us will have seen several near misses.

I appreciate that the 40mph limit may be appropriate in some cases but I believe it is outdated on the roads mentioned.

It should be removed to allow HGVs to travel at their limited speed, 56mph.

This, along with the other ideas recently given, would cost next to nothing to implement and would go a long way towards reducing the frequency of accidents while we await the eventual dualling of the road.

Ian Whyte


East Lothian