Road rage

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I travelled on the A9 from Perth to Inverness last Thursday and back again on Saturday, having driven on this road many times.

I actually thought that a number of cars had missed the road to Knockhill as their drivers would not have been out of place at the British Touring Car Championships (BTCC) that took place there at the weekend.

Watching the BTCC is thrilling and the skills of speed, close quarter driving and nerve are all worth seeing, but not when idiots think they can drive like that on a major and dangerous trunk road.

I read with despair the recent coverage of the dangers of the road and while resurfacing, dualling the road and better signage will help, we are unlikely to see that for some considerable time. thanks to the total ineptitude of the Scottish Government.

I fear that average speed cameras are another waste of tax payers’ money but then those who govern us are good at that: witness the number of transport projects that have run over time and budget.

What is needed in the short term is some good old-fashioned policing, using the right kind of vehicles and equipment to spot these idiots, catch them on camera and deal with them firmly.

A paltry fine is not enough. They should have their licences taken away so they can be taken off the road so the rest of us can drive this beautiful road more safely.

There now, I’ve got it off my chest.

Mike Provan

Main Street

Townhill, Dunfermline