Rise of Ukip

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Thursday night’s English election results do not point to Ukip being in power after the next general election; it does not have the candidates or political machinery to achieve this.

However, it does show that Labour has joined the Liberal Democrats in their inability to provide a meaningful opposition.

Panic will also precipitate a move to the right by the Tory Party so extreme that Ukip will achieve its political aims without the necessity of winning seats. The implications for Scotland are threefold.

The businesses which bullied the Scots electorate in the referendum campaign will lose access to a market of 500 million people; the selfish generation will find that there are none of the immigrants they despise to do the unpleasant jobs; and even more of our tax contributions will be diverted to England.

And ye ken whit – ye were tellt!

Ian Richmond

Dumfries and Galloway

The Clacton and Heywood and Middleton by-elections have highlighted the correct predictions of Yes campaigners in Scotland’s referendum – that Scotland’s electorate would continue to be at the mercy of parties and policies they don’t vote for, in the event of keeping the Union.

Instead of demanding “facts” the go-it-alone doubters should have seen that the “facts” were entities entirely dependent on intelligent guesswork and are now visible evidence as to the intelligence of the Yes campaign’s guesswork.

Ukip is English nationalism writ that little bit extra to Conservative and Unionist dogma. Scotland’s electorate will, again, be victimised by policies, whether anti-EU, anti-welfare state, 
anti-public services, anti-trade unionism, and suchlike, that don’t resonate north of the Border. It can only be hoped, but also striven for, that the referendum electoral roll arrivées will keep their new-found political awareness, however tempting will be a return to apathy given the prevailing political preferences south of the Border.

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive


The rise and rise of Ukip goes on and really it is no surprise. It is uttering the one word that other major parties have so far not dared to use – immigration.

The kind of people who are voting for Ukip are often working class and live in areas which have a higher than average immigrant population and it is quite clear they have had enough. They find they cannot access health services, for example (which they feel they have paid for, unlike new arrivals) and other public services like housing. They believe the endless queue of would-be immigrants at Calais, expressing that their sole desire is to enter Britain, says it all but politicians are just not biting the bullet and they are going to be left behind at the ballet box as a result.

Tom Steel

Spencer Place


The Ukip triumph in Clacton only serves to reinforce the uncanny similarities between that party and the SNP.

If the UK and EU bogeymen were interchanged none would be the wiser; the rhetoric of both parties is almost identical.

In the end it comes down to the more than simplistic message: get rid of the bogeyman and Utopia beckons. There is also a forceful leader and armies of flag-waving, starry-eyed acolytes, all caught up in an almost religious fervour.

It perhaps suggests a UK-wide disenchantment with politics. Most of us it seems will once again be voting to keep people out, rather than making a positive choice of what is best for our country.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg