Riot acts

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Andrew HN Gray (Letters, 20 May) came out with some concerns about “civil unrest on an epic scale” if Scotland voted Yes.

Mr Gray appears to be suffering from referendum jungle fever and needs damp cloths and quinine. However, in Wednesday’s Letters (21 May), support for Mr Gray comes from his fellow countryman Dr Roger Cartwright.

Dr Cartwright supports Mr Gray’s views about unrest and tries to pin it on the SNP, basing the cause on UK Chancellor George Osborne’s claim that sterling belongs only to London-controlled territory (and ignoring Item XVI of the Union, which makes it quite clear that the currency is owned by all the present UK). I would suggest to these two that they flee across the Border to the safety of their motherland.

It might not be that simple, however. When trouble flares it usually starts before an event, then increases as time goes on through and after the event. So far I have seen no sign of the Arab Spring in Scotland.

The arrogance of these two is breathtaking as they ignore the disturbances in their own country while inventing riots in 

In 1958 we had the Notting Hill riots, in 1981 Liverpool, Brixton, Birmingham and Leeds among others. In 2001 we had Bradford, Leeds and Oldham and more.

In 2011 we had riots in many places including several districts of London, Nottingham, Leicester, Manchester and Merseyside, as well as outbreaks in other 

Perhaps these gentlemen could tell us what great riots occurred in Scotland when England was ablaze.

Thomas R Burgess

Catherine’s Square