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Since Scottish council tenants were given the “right to buy” in the early 1980s, nearly half a million Scots families have opted to buy their council home, with the associated benefits of increased financial security and flexibility. Most importantly, it allows property ownership for families to be passed on to future generations.

Recently, and controversially, the Scottish Government has approved plans to scrap the scheme in 2017.

This will have the effect of sentencing present council tenants and their children to a life where they will never own the property, despite paying for it many times over in rent to their Scottish Government landlord.

Why is the SNP discriminating against those tenants and their children who wish to join the 500,000 families who already own their own home?

Is this another example of the SNP’s idea of freer and fairer society or, as I believe, an attack on the entire concept of heritable assets, in which property owned by the individual is replaced by SNP state ownership?

The SNP Government in Holyrood has already warned of its proposals in the forthcoming Land Review Bill for drastic restrictions in private land ownership in the Scottish countryside. Dangerous territory indeed.

A Yes vote in the independence referendum next month will only make matters worse. Why risk it?

I will be voting No.

Charles Buchan Ritchie


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