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It is time for unionists to recognise their responsibility for the rise of the SNP.

We must have had just about enough of anti-SNP rhetoric to last us a lifetime.

The examples of Alexander McKay and William Ballantine (Letters, 28 July) are only the tip of the iceberg – there are dozens of them on the loose.

They must have above-average political nous to indulge in the way they do.

So, in this open letter, and assuming they are supporters or members of a unionist party, I invite them to contemplate this proposition.

Which unionist party did they support or vote for, and which attributes of these parties and their performance or incompetence do they think were responsible for handing power to the SNP, and what advice did they dispense to their parties to prevent it happening?

Or was it just the stupidity of the electorate?

By the way, we do not need a catalogue of examples of unionist parties making profound pronouncements about matters political, and where they have committed a U-turn shortly thereafter – that would save a bit of valuable space on the letters page!

Douglas R Mayer

Thomson Crescent