Respect deficit

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Alex Salmond’s comment (your report, 22 September), that more than 2 million people were “tricked” into voting No, is an insult. We should, of course, be used to such a contemptuous presumption of superiority.

A huge proportion of voters had already made up their minds before the late promise of extra powers. Some voters may have been swayed or confirmed in their leaning towards No on the basis of this promise.

If it is not honoured they will not require Mr Salmond’s input in deciding if they were tricked and will make their feelings known.

How many times during the long campaign did we hear Mr Salmond tell the Scottish people – and even the people of the UK and the EU – that the “sovereign will” of the Scottish people must be respected?

That, of course, was when he thought they would bow to his own will. Now that they have 
declared their will unequivocally he refuses to listen. He tells them they are wrong – they were “gulled”. So much for Mr Salmond’s ability to keep a promise – to respect the outcome of the referendum whichever way it went.

He is acting like a spoiled child who has not got his own way. He should take the opportunity to show some magnanimity and retire into the background with some dignity still intact.

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue


Alex Salmond and his cronies show their contempt for democracy (your report, 22 September). Just three days after they lost the referendum they say that there are other routes to independence and that a pro-splitting majority in Holyrood will be enough!

This is the same attitude as the EU elite, who if we give them the wrong answer send us back to vote again until we get it right.

Otto Inglis

Inveralmond Grove