Remember 1979

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Steady, Scotland steady,
beware of 1979 when we were stabbed in the back by a conniving Westminster establishment and with broken promises had to wait another 20 years for a
devolved parliament with
limited powers.

Now in 2014, with just one poll putting the Yes campaign ahead, the might of the British state and media has descended on Scotland as Westminster, with no Plan B,
realises a Yes vote is possible.

A panic flight to Scotland by the disunited political leaders of Westminster brought forth
desperate, impassioned pleas to stay in the UK – we love Scotland and don’t want you to leave.

However, like a petulant child, Westminster is throwing away its toys from Scotland.

Scottish banks, insurance and financial institutions to leave, border guards at the ready and now Scottish athletes not allowed to train in England along with
unemployment and ruin if
Scotland becomes independent. Lies, lies and more lies.

The fact is, the crumbling, debt-ridden British state desperately needs the wealth of Scotland to preserve the false notion of a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

In the 21st century we should be exercising a moral and not a military role in the world and should never again blunder into questionable conflicts at the
behest of the USA.

So come on, Scotland, away with weapons of mass destruction, austerity at home and wars abroad and say no thanks to Project Fear and to an outdated and damaged UK.

With courage and confidence vote Yes for a new exciting Scotland and a last opportunity to create a prosperous, caring and sharing society for all its people.

Grant Frazer