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Alex Woolf’s letter (17 June) was an interesting contribution to the discussion and illustrated that many on the Yes side are more interested in reform than in destruction of the Union.

I agree with some of Alex’s points, though I tend to the view that Scottish MPs should double as MSPs. English MPs could do the same and Westminster could be reserved for matters concerning the UK.

While the House of Lords may not be perfect, it is a revising chamber with many very experienced individuals who give their opinions often regardless of party whips and this, I would contend, is how it should be.

Perhaps the main element of Alex’s letter which was not addressed by him is that of the democratic deficit at the heart of Europe, which the current debate about Luxembourg prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker is bringing to the boil. This is a core issue.

There are several matters needing to be addressed in terms of the future of the Union which cannot be addressed by voting Yes.

I hope Alex and other thoughtful voters will take this into account, vote No and help us make Britain an even better place to live in and be part of. You cannot reform Britain by voting to break it up.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive