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Joyce McMillan (Perspective, 8 August) rightly dismisses arguments about Yes or No based on Scotland’s size.

I once listed all members of the UN along with their population sizes.

Scotland, if inserted, would be in the middle. Indeed, our population size is as ordinary as it is possible to get for an independent state.

Our geographical size is also satisfactory and our economic situation better than most.

She also mentions cultural developments, including dancing teacakes. Scottish dance already includes a Reel of Tulloch.

We have both a dance and a tune of that name. Someone now has the opportunity to add a Reel of Tullochs to our ­repertoire.

More dancing will make us a healthier nation – I hope to see more of it after 18 September.

David Stevenson

Blacket Place


Currency Plan B: the Tunnock’s Tea Cake.

Malcolm Parkin

Gamekeepers Road

Kinnesswood, Kinross