Redeeming faith

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Politicians want to be right and to be in control. Faith knowledge of God has roots deeper than political manifestos and is beyond political control.

Politicians have therefore sought means to redress this balance by using the term “religion” to describe all faith expressions. This isolates the dynamic power of faith knowledge of God, denies the relational aspect at its core and socially compartmentalises its adherents.

In the present crisis involving Islamic terrorism, politicians discuss events and solutions using the language and scope of political control and the law. They decontextualise the issues, ignore the evidence of history and 
deny the realities to which faith expressions give witness.

Such lack of proper evaluation is unacceptable in every other human enterprise, including politics, which cannot exist without the language of distinction.

What is alarming is that Christian leaders in Britain are not addressing the ground between secular politics and Islam. Christianity should be a necessary part of the solution to the present problem of Islam in this country.

Combating the power of a global ideology requires the greater power of a global redeeming faith.

An avowedly Christian nation will be less vulnerable to Islamic imperialism, but for decades politicians have rejected Christianity in order to seek greater power for themselves through the promotion of a secular 

Now they are having to deal with forces beyond their control – and because they have abandoned Christianity they have no idea what to do.

(Rev Dr) Robert 

Blackburn & Seafield Church