Ready for old age

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It is encouraging to see more discussion on the effects of old age and how we can best 
prepare for them (Lori Anderson, Perspective, 29 June).

The latest is a pilot scheme in the Western Isles putting robots into the homes of people with dementia to help them continue to live independently.

It’s important that we bring debates about how to make sure our later years are as dignified as possible to the forefront of 
everyone’s thoughts and I 
welcome debate over ideas on how to improve life quality.

Unfortunately, as we all get older there are many issues that we have to face and I believe it’s vital we talk about how to 
prepare for the future so that we can remain comfortable 
and independent for as long as possible.

Making sure that either ourselves or loved ones are able to remain at home, are supported financially and have affairs such as a power of attorney organised is something we should all 
consider, whatever stage of life we’re at.

Alan Innes

Pagan Osborne

Clarendon House