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Had I been sitting at the time, I would have fallen off my seat on reading your front page (3 
December) concerning the 
utterly bizarre request by RBS for its ordinary staff members to “muck in” and do up their crumbling, increasingly shoddy branches, free, gratis and voluntarily – not terms usually associated with senior management strategy at that institution. In the words of a chum of mine: “Are they having a Steffi Graf?”

In my 40-odd years of experience as a customer of RBS the counter staff have been decent, helpful people who have tried to provide good service under huge pressures, particularly in the past decade. They should be thanked and rewarded by a management that doles out bonuses to some who might be contractually, but hardly morally, entitled to them.

How insulting can they get?

Staff at branch level should say “no” and customers should rise up and support them, because at last the ordinary RBS punters have finally got something tangible to get their economic teeth into. Arise, ye workers!

Magnus K Moodie

Boswall Terrace