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I love it when I find I am 
at odds with your editorial (3 December).

It only goes to show that we’re all only human after all – because I think you were probably a bit far from the mark in applauding RBS’s attempt to get their staff back into the office without pay on their Sundays off, in order to freshen the place up with a bit of DIY. It did conjure the delightful picture of The Scotsman’s back-room staff pushing their desks, computers and chairs onto the local bus for the recent move to Orchard Brae, rather than hire a removals company.

Although such an order would probably have had the editorial team liable to prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act – unless 
the staff involved had already been sent on a four-week training course on how to move 
a chair.

I have a much better idea: how about taking the next two years’ bonus pots from the upper RBS management tier, and the next two years’ worth of dividend pay-outs to shareholders (who, let’s face it, are mostly us), and use that vast amount of cash to refurbish a few RBS offices, without having to reduce the employment rights of RBS staff to pre-Spartacus levels.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road


Coming from a bank which should be hanging its head in shame, “Branch Force” is one of the best ideas dreamt up by the Royal Bank of Scotland in recent months (your report, 3 December).

This assumes, of course, that the Force is recruited entirely from the ranks of senior management, preferably named.

Peter Laidlaw

Bramdean Rise