Rail let-down

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Will someone remind me again how wonderful First ScotRail trains are?

I’m on the 7:22am Stonehaven-Edinburgh as I write.

There’s no wi-fi, the laptop power points don’t work in so-called First class (there are none at all in cattle class); and the 
newspapers are full of the forthcoming fares rises.

What a wonderful transport world we passengers inhabit.

To complete the joys, it’s been many a year since the saggy seats here in first class were ever looked at, leaving me and other passengers peeking over the tabletops.

Oh, and it’s not easy writing this in a first-class carriage built over a bogey that transmits every bump on the line to us poor sods rattling about inside.

All this, and it’s costing me a whopping £64.20 return. I can’t wait to get home this evening in an East Coast real train, with real at-seat service of a meal plus wine and real wi-fi.

Most of all, I look forward to being carried by a rail company that actually cares for us travellers, for First ScotRail patently doesn’t.

Gordon Casely