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Thursday night’s Question Time on the BBC was an absolute disgrace as far as presenting a fair discussion on Scottish independence. Four panellists for the anti-independence side and two pro-independence was typical of the BBC’s biased stance in such discussions: two politicians who represent few, if any voters in Scotland and one who represents only a few more. Anas ­Sarwar (Scottish Labour) and Angus Robertson (SNP) were the only two politicians entitled to be there, along with the very able Lesley Riddoch

The SNP has had to fight extremely hard over the years to get on a television panel where the other “leaders” were represented. Now that it is in government in Scotland, that position seems not to have changed. I am not asking for four invitations for the SNP. But where were the invitations to the other Yes campaigners?

The BBC claimed that the ­audience was split 50/50 in support for and against independence yet those picked to ask questions were mostly in the No camp.

Watt Smellie

Kepscaith Road

Whitburn, West Lothian

CONTINUOUS Unionist and BBC biased reporting and persistent anti-Scottish scaremongering could backfire spectacularly at the referendum.

Thursday night’s Question Time debate, chaired by David Dimbleby and televised from Edinburgh, was a one-sided ­affront and utter disgrace. Having watched this shambolic nonsense I have now changed my mind and will vote Yes for ­freedom next September.

Many Scots are now not the slightest interested in what­ever happens at Westminster or south of the Border.

Donald Morrison

Haig Street

Buckie, Moray