Qatada farce

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Like many others across the UK on Sunday morning I was delighted that this legal and human rights farce that has dragged on for a ridiculous time has now come to an end and Abu Qatada has finally been sent home.

I do not wish to put a damper on the celebrations, but the whole process has cost a fortune for this country – £1.7 million.

Lawyers have lined their pockets and it has made us look like a laughing stock across the world because of the constant bowing the knee to the European Court of Human Rights.

If a system was devised relatively quickly to ensure a treaty was signed between Jordan and the UK it really asks the question: why was it not done a lot earlier than this?

Will lessons be learnt from this to make sure this never happens again? I doubt it, if we are still a member of the EU.

Home Secretary Theresa May said that he would be on a plane shortly – that was 446 days ago.

I hope the British people remember this disgrace at the polls.

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square