Pushing for a Yes

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The SNP seems intent on having votes on separation until it gets the answer that it wants.

A close vote would encourage the party to do so but, of course, conversely, it should also encourage the Better Together camp since, based on the same criteria, it too could push for another referendum.

As it stands, the SNP government will throw everything in its arsenal at the 2014 referendum: the nationalistic fervour occasioned by the anniversary of Battle of Bannockburn and the enthusiasm produced by the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup, plus the endorsement of wealthy celebrities will all be marshalled to produce a Yes vote.

The latest weapon seems to be its policy of stubbornly holding back tens of millions of pounds of funding supposedly destined for “shovel ready” projects. This is being deliberately withheld, again until 2014, when it will be splashed around to create jobs and a short-lived feel-good factor.

All of that would rapidly evaporate should independence ever happen and the mask of apparent benevolence worn by the SNP government would be replaced by something much less appealing: it’s called reality!

Brian Allan

Keith Street

Kincardine-on-Forth, Alloa