‘Puffed-up profs’

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Shona Robinson had the nerve to challenge a Dundee academic’s fitness to lead the “Five Million Questions” project because of his connection with the Better Together campaign. How dare she? Doesn’t she know these are gods on the same level as bankers? Hell hath no fury like a puffed-up prof!

A herd of them (Letters, 16 November) has responded, complete with a collection of titles nearly as great as that of Lord George Robertson. This is clearly an attempt to bully with bulk and grandeur to silence Ms Robinson and others.

It impresses me not in the least. We have the likes of Diar-maid MacCulloch, Tarriq Moddood and Nigel Biggar, who have nothing to do with Scotland; Jim Gallaghar, a long-time servant of unionist parties and ministers; Tom Gallagher, one of the gang who spreads negativity in The Scotsman, and others who are not exactly raving nationalists.

They talk of perception and fairness. My perception is of a bunch of cowards displaying arrogance. They arrogantly claim that a professor can have a view, but still be impartial. True, but he can hold a view and be partial – being a professor doesn’t remove anybody from normal human inclinations.

The perception of bias could have been removed by Professor Whatley excusing himself from the project.

Thomas R Burgess