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Scotland’s diversity is worth celebrating. Whatever the vote, this diversity must be fully
recognised and respected. It must also embrace Scotland’s
religious communities.

Effective legal protection of religious freedom is essential to achieve this goal. Celebrating and strengthening Scotland’s
religious communities will allow them to continue to
flourish within, and to enrich, Scotland’s pluralist society.

Protections for religious freedom should include those
reflected in international law and in modern constitutions across the globe.

They must include effective support for religious communities – including minority communities – to express their
beliefs, values and traditions; the accommodation of religious observance and practice in the workplace; and support for
publicly funded faith schools.

To contribute to future
debates, a proposal on Religious Freedom in Scotland
explains the international protections and suggests strategies for constitutional or other arrangements that would ensure the effective protection of
religious freedom in Scotland.

The proposal is available at

(Prof) Sir Tom Devine

University of Edinburgh

(Prof) Ian Leigh

Durham Law School

(Dr) Deirdre McCann

Durham Law School