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Professor Gregor Gall (Perspective, 16 October) believes “clear policy promises” by the SNP which would benefit individuals would save the day for the Yes camp. I am not so sure.

Firstly, by the time the legislation giving effect to a Yes vote is passed and basic arrangements made for the transfer of powers to Holyrood the 2016 election will be on us, and there is no guarantee the SNP will be in power following it.

Secondly, in view of the huge current account deficit, many doubt if any government in the UK can maintain spending at the current level.

The SNP’s modest proposal on the state pension age was greeted with widespread scepticism.

Again, some of the suggested policies could prove impossible – for instance “the ending of tax evasion and tax avoidance by the wealthy”.

The Inland Revenue/HMRC have been trying to do just that for decades with material but far from complete success.

The sort of pledges envisaged by Prof Gall would seem more appropriate to a party’s election manifesto than to the 

What the Yes camp might do is set out areas of policy where a Scottish Government with full powers and totally focused on Scotland’s needs could make a difference.

S Beck

Craigleith Drive