Pro-life prejudice

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As LES Reid is adamant that abortion should be available in instances of rape, (Letters, 2 May)this is Michigan pro-life speaker Rebecca Kiessling’s answer.

“I was adopted nearly from birth. At 18, I learned that I was conceived out of a brutal rape at knife-point by a serial rapist. Like most people, I’d never considered that abortion applied to my life, but once I received this information, all of a sudden I realized that, not only does it apply to my life, but it has to do with my very existence.

“It was as if I could hear the echoes of all those people who, with the most sympathetic of tones, would say, ‘Well, except in cases of rape…’ or who would rather fervently exclaim in disgust: ‘Especially in cases of rape.’

“All these people are out there who don’t even know me, but are standing in judgment of my life, so quick to dismiss it just 
because of how I was conceived. I felt like I was now going to have to justify my own existence, that I would have to prove myself 
to the world that I shouldn’t have been aborted and that I was 
worthy of living. I also remember feeling like garbage because of people who would say that my life was like garbage.”

Her mother, having been subjected to the violence of rape, took the wise decision not to subject herself to the violence of abortion, with all its attendant dangers, both physical and psychological, to the mother.

A woman in Rwanda bore a child conceived as a result of rape and called the baby ­Consolation.

Maybe we should not dismiss lives because of the circum-stances of their conception. Or we have to ask ourselves if we are prejudiced against certain people because of how they were conceived.

Irene Munro

Wyvis Crescent

Conon Bridge