Pricing is a fiasco

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You report (30 April) that the SNP government’s ill thought-out policy on minimum pricing of alcohol is to be referred to the European Court of Justice, with a likely wait of 16 months for the case to heard.

Over the past few years many commentators indicated that this was an inevitable outcome but this was airily brushed aside as scaremongering by SNP ministers.

We are hearing the same kind of bland assurances in the referendum debate about myriad issues such as EU membership, Nato membership, currency union, pensions, the BBC and many others.

It is not scaremongering to suggest that a Yes vote would lead at best to a period of uncertainty and legal and political challenge for much longer than the relatively straightforward issue of minimum pricing.

Robert Cairns



The news that the legal challenge to the Scottish Government’s policy on minimum alcohol pricing has been referred to a European Court by the Court of Session illustrates the problem of ceding control of affairs to another body.

Does the SNP still think that a currency controlled by Westminster is the best option for an independent Scotland?

To paraphrase Lady Bracknell: “To have one master, Mr Salmond, may be regarded as a misfortune; to have two looks like carelessness.”

Ken Currie

Liberton Drive