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Barny Evans (Perspective Extra, 24 January) says that Scotland could be a world leader in 
making our cities all-electric.

I agree with him, since no other nation would be foolish enough to go down this expensive route.

Europe has turned to coal-fired power plants, as the rest 
of the world have been doing for years.

Mr Evans goes on to say Scotland is a nation which is on course to produce 100 per cent of its own electricity requirements through renewables within the next five years.

What he avoids saying is that renewables electricity is much more expensive than coal, gas and nuclear and causes fuel 

With the imminent closure of coal-fired plants (and nuclear?) it will get even worse.

Scotland has only 0.15 per cent of global emissions and the biggest polluter on the planet, China, has refused to curb its emissions until they peak in 2030.

Mr Evans, I suggest there could be rich pickings in China.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road