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Is it not about time that BBC Scotland considered lengthening its broadcast of Newsnight Scotland from the current 20 minute slot to 50 minutes, akin to its national equivalent, to become the principal programme north of the Border?

While I enjoy Newsnight Scotland on a daily basis, over the years of its broadcast, I have grown irked by its somewhat hasty transmission.

It really is not possible to have an informed debate in the time allotted at present. Indeed, I am sure, guests are often unable to fully express their opinions quite eloquently as they would desire, due to the shortcoming of time, meaning they are constrained by having to express merely the barest points of their argument.

Would it not be possible for the BBC to adopt a practice similar to that demonstrated in its seasonal Saturday afternoon sports programme Sportscene Results, which is broadcast entirely on BBC Scotland, but with the viewer having the option of pressing the red button to view the English equivalent, Final Score, if they so choose.

Surely this would permit much more flexibility in coverage of stories, quality of debate and overall enjoyment of the Scottish programme with the option of Newsnight available at the press of a button.

John G McMenemy

Braeside Avenue, Milngavie