PR failure

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Over the past year, the royal PR team has tried to develop the profile of the Prince of Wales as someone whom we should admire and respect as our future sovereign.

Sadly, many of us object to his pompous determination to promote his views on many controversial subjects. That is not the job of the Royal Family. The Queen has garnered admiration for her commitment to our country, while ensuring that she keeps her thoughts on major issues to herself. Prince Charles will never be able to do this.

For years, he has told us where we were going wrong and what we should do about it. His latest comments, effectively calling scientists and environmentalists who do not agree to his views on climate change headless chickens, illustrates how out of touch and arrogant this man is.

As each day passes, it becomes clearer to many of us that the only future of the UK monarchy lies with Prince William succeeding the Queen.

Iain J McConnell

Station Road

Gifford, East Lothian