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HAVING read and considered the article from Niall Stuart of Scottish Renewables (11 March) about the costs of renewables coming down and how “the
industry is growing, which is 
ultimately good news for all of us”, I find I must raise an ­objection based on the published facts.

According to figures available on the bmreports.com website, on Tuesday (17 March) all of the UK onshore and offshore wind turbines could only muster 30 megawatts of output at 10:30am or 0.36 per cent of registered UK wind capacity when UK demand was 43,466MW, this makes wind power 0.069 per cent of UK ­demand at that time.

How far does the industry have to grow when the current 8,403MW of registered ­capacity can only produce 30MW of 
useful power?

George Wilson

Dunbar, East Lothian