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Now that the UK as a whole has almost reached its binding EU 2020 targets, and because the Westminster and Scottish governments have different resources and a different emphasis on the best energy mix, it would be a good idea for each government to set its own energy policies.

This could also be an opportunity for a complete re-think as to what is best for achieving a reliable and secure supply of energy at an economic cost.

I support the recent advice of the respected Institution of Engineers and Ship Builders in Scotland that formulation and implementation of a new energy policy with guiding parameters should be left to technocrats, free of political or business influence.

That way, we could have one of the best energy policies in 
Europe, instead of facing blackouts.

With rights go responsibilities, and if energy policy is 
devolved, the responsibility 
for raising the subsidies paid for the various generation technologies should also be fully 

That way, too, the two
governments will be much more accountable.

Mark Atkinson

Saltoun Hall Gardens

Pencaitland, East Lothian