Power crisis

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I would endorse all that Steuart Campbell (Letters, 8 October) says.

It should be noted that only countries like Norway, Sweden and France which rely mainly on nuclear and/or hydro power and very little on wind have achieved low carbon emissions.

Additionally, the media attention given to Hunterston and Longannet over the past week highlights yet again that Scotland is actually facing a power crisis in having no base electricity generation within a few years.

We need on-demand power and cannot rely on as-available 
renewable energy.

Two new nuclear stations coupled with pumped hydro (resulting in effectively three nuclear generators) should already have been provided, or at least be under way.

There are plenty of disused coal mines around. Has the possibility of using these to house the turbines and lower pool of pumped hydro systems been investigated?

It could be the basis of a relatively cheap way of providing high head systems (lower water volumes per unit power produced) close to main usage centres.

(Dr) A McCormick

Kirkland Road