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AUSTRALIA and Ireland kept the pound for years after independence (or more specifically, as 
dominions) without fealty to Westminster. Why not Scotland?

How can it possibly be safer to stick with the UK when it is £1.6 billion in debt and rising?

It certainly is not a good example of “lender of last resort”. Who would be lending to whom, and what so-called safety net would Scotland be missing?

Westminster for decades has been financially irresponsible with illusions of imperial grandeur and simply refuses to change. Everyone hopes that the next Tory or Labour government will be better than the last, but it never is.

Scotland should detach itself from this monolith before it is too late. We should think independently, have higher ambitions and have the courage to take the opportunity to control our own fate after 18 September.

Brian Hunter

Liberton Place


ONCE again, in the face of a very clear statement from George Osborne that there would not be a currency union, Alex Salmond and his separatist cohorts have insisted, indeed virtually guaranteed, that it is bluster, bluffing and scaremongering.

Currency union is a critical issue in the referendum campaign and will have a significant impact on how people vote – being more likely to vote No if there is not one.

If there was a Yes vote, and Mr Osborne were proven wrong, he would have to resign for misleading the public. Similarly, if a currency union were refused, Mr Salmond would have been guilty of misleading the public, putting the result itself in question as many people may have voted Yes on the back of his guarantee.

There are, of course, several other similar issues such as the European Union, building warships on the Clyde etc, where in the face of clear evidence to the contrary the reality has been denied by Mr Salmond, and the public will have been misled and again the result correspondingly flawed.

The constant denials issued without evidence by the separatists suggest their campaign should be called “Project Denial”.

Raymond Paul

Braid Farm Road