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IT IS difficult to know whether to laugh or cry at the complete irrelevance of the attacks on me in these pages (27 May) by Douglas Turner and James Duncan. Despite my making it clear that I was pointing out hard facts, namely that Alex Salmond’s comments at the Royal British Legion mentioned only Scots losses (which include my own family, in both world wars, by the way), as if Scotland had fought alone, it is not only historically illiterate, it is utterly disgraceful.

Somehow, this has transmogrified me into a “pantomime unionist”, in Mr Turner’s opinion. Well, in the absence of actually saying anything relevant in response to my letter, bring out the ad hominem argument and merely insult me.

Mr Duncan comments that Dennis Healey has stated that he did not let the full truth be known about the North Sea’s oil riches in the 1970s, which is fine and dandy, but I lived in Aberdeen at the time and also worked offshore and we were all very well aware of the wealth of the North Sea, so it is hard to tell who was having the truth hidden from them. Certainly not by the 7:84 Theatre Company’s The Cheviot, the Stag & the Black Black Oil, which was very blunt about that very topic, among others.

However, anent truth being hidden from us, John Swinney and his friends in the current Scottish administration were themselves rather blown off course when we learned how they have been telling us one story about post-independence Scotland’s riches, while wondering how the blazes they can afford to pay for everything, let alone establish an oil fund, as fantasised by Mr Salmond. Pots and kettles, Mr Duncan?

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive