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Lesley Riddoch (Perspective, 4 March) seems worried by the assertion that an independent Scotland might lose the Royal Mail. Well, she need not be.

Switzerland, a country about the size of Scotland, has a far 
superior postal service.

Their post offices are palaces compared with most in the UK and they ensure same-price 
delivery to the highest mountain village.

They do this by using their brains, imagination and business acumen.

The famous Post Buses with loud horns ply the mountain roads with post, passengers and parcels, a kind of combined Stagecoach, UPS and Royal Mail.

The bus terminuses are next to the train stations, not like in Dundee, at opposite ends of the town.

The timetables are co-
ordinated as far as possible to 
ensure smooth and fast transit of 
people, goods and mail.

There is a train station under or beside each airport – Edinburgh, take note. Of course the rail system is legendary for quality and punctuality.

All this is much easier to do in a small country, not so worried about “competition” but which is overseen by referendums. I can’t believe that Scotland, given the likes of Sir Brian Souter, could not do the same.

George Shering

West Acres Drive