Post-vote issues

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Jack Boyle’s article, “Don’t let 
indyref fury affect the workplace” (Friends of The Scotsman, 6 October) made interesting reading.

Although it covered the legal issues surrounding clashing political opinions in the workplace, it did highlight for me the fact that I am aware of several friendships – including some of my own – that have been 
seriously soured by the referendum.

One friend in particular, a 
passionate Yes supporter, has cut off all ties with his No-voting friends and says he is too angry to consider a “reconciliation”.

He feels betrayed by their actions and simply cannot see how they made the decision to vote against independence.

As a Yes voter, I feel his pain but can’t see why he can’t respect the fact that people are entitled to opposing political opinions.

Furthermore, he is less likely to persuade them to vote Yes – if there is another referendum in his lifetime – if he continues to alienate them like this. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing similar problems, and am curious about whether anybody has some advice on how to mend these friendships. Or should we just leave him to it?

G Jay

Ferry Road